• Kouterveldstraat 10A, 1831 Diegem, Belgium
  • 0032 2 479 07 91
  • info@azerius.com


We gladly go to great lengths to cater to your needs and strongly believe in personalised service. Allow us to go the extra mile and take you to your destination in the most comfortable of fashions.

  • Thanks to a real-time application, every driver is easily pinpointed via a track and trace system. You will be kept up to date about the status of your driver via convenient text and email notifications.
  • Azerius¬†maintains privileged partnerships with the most prominent companies in the hospitality industry, as well as airlines and private air travel companies.
  • Our drivers will be ready for you 15 minutes before pick-up time. This leaves a margin for any last-minute changes in your schedule.
  • We follow up on arrival and departure times of flights and connections and adapt our planning accordingly.
  • Excellent geographical location next to Brussels International Airport and Brussels biggest highway crosspoint. Allowing us to have multiple options to reach you on a timely manner.

Services of Azerius


Our chauffeurs are minutely selected and trained in every aspect of their profession. We set the bar high, allowing only the most high-grading candidates to join our team.


Comfort, safety and style dictate our choice in vehicles. We offer you the latest, most luxuriant models alongside prime quality service on board. Here and elsewhere, the highest standards apply.


Would you rather be chauffeured with you own vehicle? Or maybe you require conciergerie services. We are committed to granting your every wish.


Class and safety lead the way in the choice of our high-end vehicles. From sedans to buses and limousines: our fleet is composed of exceptional cars which are serviced with great care.


Nothing is impossible. This is not mere belief, it is a conviction. It is the reason why we gladly go the extra mile and offer you myriad services.


Clean, and well maintained vehicles after each service is possible. All our vehicles are washed in our automated carwash, and goes threw safety check list before parking.  And thorough inspection is done every trimester.